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  From a very young age, Chainelle was exposed to the world of fashion and celebrity as the daughter of international shoe designer, Carlos Molina. She was inspired by her father's runway designs and the artistry of his avante-garde friends. Surrounded by hairdressers, stylists, models, fashion designers and cosmetologists, she found her passion in deconstructing and learning the secrets behind the finished looks .

  Inspired by the work behind the scenes, she found that she could enhance and transform the physical, and make others feel better about themselves. Transformation could only arise from finding beauty within oneself and Chainelle found she could coax and woo true beauty into revealing itself as a reflection of art or inner peace, in all of its forms and colors.

  Chainelle relocated from New York City to Los Angeles as a teenager for her studies where she immersed herself in the culture of Laguna Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood and downtown L.A., drawing inspiration from her surroundings, people, and the unique perspective that comes from living on the west coast.

  Since moving back to New York City she has further expanded her education and professional portfolio and works on varied national and international projects in the celebrity, fashion, beauty, music, film, print, and television commercial industries. In 2015, Chainelle founded Makeup4aChange, dedicated to providing free beauty services, workshops, and classes to under-represented and marginalized communities, in the spirit of discovering beauty in a diverse and inclusive world.


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